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Monitoring & metering

ATC SCM20 ASL Pro MKII monitors

RME ADI-2 Pro mastering grade AD/DA converter, headphone amp & monitor control.

Iso Acoustics isopuck decouplers.

Neumann NDH-20 reference headphones. 

Sennheiser HD25 headphones.

Shure Headphones.

Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

Beyerdynamic headphones.

Presonus HP60 Headphone monitoring system.

TC Electronics Clarity M meter

Recording & Outboard
RME Fireface UCX audio interface
Purple Audio Sweet Ten 500 series power supply rack
2x Audio Maintenance ez1073-500 preamp 
1x CAPI red dot VP26 preamp (API)
1x CAPI VP28 preamp
2x Hairball Lola preamps w. DI
1x Stam Audio SA-2A Optical Valve Limiting Amplifier 
2 x AML ezP-1A Pultec Valve Eq's
2x PROREPLICAS Blue Stripe 1176 limiting compressors.
IGS Audio Tubecore 3u Vari-Mu mastering compressor.

DAV BG2 microphone stereo mic preamp and DI.
DAV BG3 Mastering Equalizer
S.V.A custom TG EMI limiter.


Gibson VOS Custom Shop ES-330

Late 60s style Bigsby Telecaster

Martin D-18 acoustic guitar

Stonebridge OM-33SR acoustic guitar

Red label vintage 60s Yamaha FG 180 - Nashville tuning.

Tokai Hard Puncher P-Bass 1982 (Custom Shop Fender pickups)

Fender Mustang bass (Nordstrand Pickups)

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano fully weighted, 88 keys.

Chappell 1930s tall upright piano at concert pitch.

Goldtone 8 String Lapsteel

62' Fender Jazzmaster

Fender American Vintage '56 Strat


Fender Princeton Reverb '65 Reissue (w. Celestion Gold,)

Audio Kitchen Big Trees 

Two Notes Torpedo Cab M

Origin Effects Magma 57


Ludwig 1967 Downbeat 20, 14, 12, 14 drum set in champagne sparkle. 

Istanbul Agop Signature Ride 21" 

Istanbul Agop Dry Dark XIST hi hats 17"

60's Beverley Cosmic 21 14x5" chrome over brass snare drum

60's Ludwig Pioneer 14x5.5" snare drum

Ludwig Black Beauty 14x5 brass snare drum

Toca Professional Series Bongos

Various percussion


1x Microtech Gefell UM92.1s valve condenser microphone

2x Microtech Gefell UMT 70s matched pair condenser microphone

1x Coles 4038 ribbon microphone

1x Pearlman TM-47 valve condenser microphone

1 x United Studio Technologies Fet47 condenser microphone

2x Beyerdynamic MC930 matched pair small diaphragm condenser microphones

1x Beyerdynamic M88

2x Beyerdynamic M201

1x Shure SM7B

1x Shure SM86

1x Shure SM57

1x Heil PR40

2x Bumblebee Pro Audio RM6 ribbon microphones

2x Xaudia modified Reslo Beeb ribbon microphones

Software & Audio Libraries

Logic Pro X

Izotope RX10

Native Instruments Komplete 10

Spitfire Studio Strings Professional

Spitfire Solo Strings

Superior Drummer 3

Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano

HOFA CD-burn & DDP creation software


TC Electronic VSS3 Native

Relab LX480 reverb

Synchro Arts Vocalign

Plugin alliance bundle

Sontec MES-432D9D mastering eq

Soundtoys bundle (all plug-ins)

Fabfilter Pro Bundle

Softube - Tape, Drawmer S73, Tsar Reverb. 

Slate Digital - Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machine

Klanghelm - DC8C, MJUC, SDRR, VUMT Deluxe 

Valhalla DSP - Room, VintageVerb, Plate 

Elysia - Museq 


Celemony - Melodyne.

And much more...

Effects Pedals

Xotic RC Booster overdrive

Boss OD3

Germanium Fuzz

MXR Carbon Copy analog delay

Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb

Lehle Little Dual for stereo amping etc. 

Dunlop Volume Pedal


Boss Waza Craft DM-2 Analog Delay

Fulltone Tremolo

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